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Conflict management

There is NO organisation without disputes (internal or between partners), but where is the limit between necessary-positive disputes and harmful-negative ones?
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Business mediation

Mediation has become a preliminary procedure, alongside conciliation in commercial disputes, following the changes of the Civil Procedure Code and Law no. 202/2010...
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Civil mediation

Mediation in the field of civil law may be applied only in those disputes that do not involve acts of public disturbance and misconduct, as well as a person’s rights or rights about a person…
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Family Mediation

The family mediation is used in solving any family issues: in matrimonial conventions, the continuation or the dissolution of the marriage, the performance of the parents’ rights…
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Nu am decat cuvinte de lauda pentru doamna mediator! A fost extrem de prompta, comunicativa si a dovedit mult profesionalism. As recomanda-o cu mult drag oricui are nevoie de un mediator…
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A facilitation approach is appropriate when the organization is concerned not only with the decision that is made, but also with the way the decision is made and which will be the furure effects…
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Althought mediation has its sense is convenient and even pleasant in the context of a conflict, many people’s active reluctance impedes us to use it exactly at it was created and in the mere purpose for which it was created. If we wanted, because we most certainly can, to change/adapt the way of thinking we used or had when creating a conflict and if we did not put the blame either only on our „conflict partner”, then we would most certainly understand why mediation.


Conflict destroys partnerships

Why leave somebody else decide something for us or, even in a totally selfish sense –for me– or, even worse, leave the conflict darken or destroy a partnership which may be favorable in the future? Why unaesthetically and uselessly frown when it comes to our „conflict partner” instead of going to a mediator? Why not use the opposite opinion, since it is offered for free, and enrich our intellectual and life spectrum, changing thus a negative conflict into a positive one? Why would we want to leave others solve our conflicts when we can use ourselves and our conflictive situation and settle it for ourselves?

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Either we like it or not, our opponent is still a partner. The fact that he or she does not think like us in a particular situation or that he or she wants something that we are not exactly willing to give at a certain time does not mean that he or she thinks wrongly, but only differently. Instead of spending maybe years in a useless conflictive situation, we could better look inside ourselves for a moment of wisdom and silence so that we can hear and see what the other part of the conflict has to say and show and, with the help of the mediator, be able to settle the conflict.

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Choose positive partnerships!

It is not easy to be able to discuss with a person who is in a conflictive situation with you and it is neither recommended that you do it alone, here the mediator is the perfect „tool” to use. The mediator does not judge you, does not agree with you, does not accuse you, does not decide, does not use legal justice, but only facilitates your rationale and, most of all, your dialogue, with the precise purpose of reaching acommon justice which should settle a negative conflict and transform a negative conflictive partnership in an at least neutral, if not positive, one.

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