Consultations are FREE OF CHARGE and they may last between 10 minutes and 30 minutes.

The fees are expressed in RON, no VAT will be applied and they will be paid for within 3 days from the date on which the invoice is issued by the mediation office. The fee will be paid by the parties in equal shares or in compliance with their agreement.
The fees do not include travel expenses or any other expenses caused by the mediation process (space rental, experts’ fees, notaries, lawyers, etc). These kind of expenses will be billed separately and will be performed only with the consent of the parties.
The fees do not include stamp duty for the legalization of the mediation agreement in court. Stamp duty and/or the judicial stamp will depend on the nature of the mediation’s object (for example, stamp duty for the division of immovable goods is 1.5% from the value of the properties, as declared by the parties).

Nature of the conflict Fixed fee * Percentage fee %*
Matrimonial convention/ changes in the legal matrimonial regime 2000 0.50%
Divorce (dissolution of marriage) 600
Divorce and common parental authority 900
Divorce and partition deed 1600  0.50%
Divorce, common parental authority and partition deed 2000 0.50%
Exercise of exclusive parental authority 700
Custody / restoration of custody of minors 700
Alimony for children / consort 600
Parental conflicts 700
Partition deed 1500 0.50%
Family affairs 1500 0.50%
0 – 5.000 RON 1000
5.001 – 25.000 RON 1000 2.50%
25.001 – 200.000 RON 1000 2.00%
200.001-500.000 RON 1000 1.50%
More than 500.000 1000 negociable
Felonies suitable for mediation (reconciliation/withdrawal of the criminal complaint) 1000
Mediation procedure only on the civil side 800
Mediation procedure only on the criminal side 800
Economic offenses/ felonies 1000 1.00%

* A down payment will be paid at the signing of the pre-mediation contract (if signing of the pre-mediation contract is necessary). The down payments is determined by the nature of the conflict/litigation. The down payments is non-refundable representing the diligences carried out by the mediator in order to invite the other party/parties; analysis/study of documents and of subject of conflict/litigation; establishing the type of mediation, i.e. The down payments will be paid exclusively by the party/parties requesting the commencement of the mediation procedure.

%* The percentage rate from the value of goods/goods to be divided; from the value of the agreement; from the value of the damage. The percentage will be applied to the value declared by the parties.

**The professional conflicts, commercial conflicts (receivables, internal conflicts, data conflicts, contractual relationships, i.e.), labor conflicts, family conflicts (other than the ones previously mentioned) or civil conflicts which can be evaluated in money (demands, evacuation, claims-excepting civil claims from criminal trials, refunds, housing reports, i.e.). The percentage rate fee will be applied at the value of the financial claims, declared by the parties.

***Any type of conflict than cannot be evaluated in money but for which the parties may dispose/negotiate.

In case that the mediation process is held in mediation session, the mediator’s fee is between 200-400 RON/session. The session covers a period of 1.5 hours. The fee/session is independent of the parties involved in the dispute and will be paid by the parties in equal shares or according to their agreement.
For the services of conflict management, fees are determined by mutual agreement with the parties, depending on the nature of conflict.

We reserve the right to choose our clients. The fees provided are informative and they depend on interdependent factors with the parties and/or the dispute/conflict/litigation between the parties.

Sună Mesaj