poza_Ana-Maria_LuparuMediation is like a dance between two or more partners, adjusted by an instructor, in which the environment, the spirit, the public and the need to win and to be the best, and many other factors can make the tone of the music. The great success in this field is the real combination between a lot of passion and ambition, vision and talent and, not in the last, a lot of patient and objectivity.  Although I do not have the claim to be the best instructor I can give the best guarantee of a professional mediator, sustained by a strong experience and practice where my personal negotiation skills were fully tested. The music like the dispute have something in common meaning that both are having an end, but the end and the result it what matters after all!


Professional Experience: 

  • two years of experience in mediation and over 7 years of experience in negotiations
  • over 10 years of experience in building and development of commercial centers and “stand alone box” retail
  • over 8 years of experience in legal (civil and commercial law)

Training in mediation:

  • communication in conflict management
  • mediation procedure in separation/divorce
  • mediation in sanitary sistem


  • degree in law
  • degree in public administration and international relations
  • specialization in psychology
  • UNEVAR courses (appraiser)




Our pro-active approach and continuous counseling allied with open lines of communication enables us to aim higher, with every new project.

ALMA MEDIATORS is fully committed to maintaining strict confidentiality in all communication relating to our clients and to be creative dispute solvers based on individual talents and teamwork.

Our mediators has more than ten years in diversified fields (business, law, economics, psychology) and they can work individual or as a team according with clients interest and always oriented in solving the problems.

The agreements, achieved with our professional support, will be superior, lasting and always win-win solution. 

Sună Mesaj