How are mediation clauses used?

Businesses partners and attorneys can insert mediation clauses into contracts. By using such a clause, the parties are pre-agreeing to use mediation in the event of a dispute.

Partenerii de afaceri si avocatii pot folosi clauza medierii in contracte. Folosind o astfel de clauza, partile isi dau acordul preliminar folosirii medierii in eventualitatea unei dispute

How is mediation different from arbitration?

Arbitration involves the presentation of evidence to an arbitrator for a legally binding decision. Arbitration can be effective, but it is generally more time consuming and expensive than mediation, plus the parties give up control of the outcome.

Remember that almost every case settles anyway, so the role of the neutral should be to help parties move toward settlement!

If I need an attorney anyway, why shouldn’t I get an attorney for a mediator?

Even many mediators are attorneys, many are not. The role of the mediator and an attorney are very different. The mediator functions as a neutral person that facilitates an agreement between parties through assisted negotiation and ending the conflict through a win-win solution. An attorney may represent only one party of a dispute and works only on the rights of the party not on his/her interest. The lawyer and the mediator can work together and can offer complementary services.

Chiar daca multi mediatori sunt si avocati, multi nu sunt. Rolurile mediatorului si al avocatului sunt foarte diferite. Mediatorul este o persoana neutra care faciliteaza un acord intre parti prin asistarea negocierii acestora si stingerea conflictului printr-o solutie castigatoare pentru ambele parti. Avocatul poate reprezenta doar una dintre parti si urmareste drepturile partii nu interesul acesteia/acestuia. Avocatul si mediatorul pot lucra impreuna si pot oferi servicii complemetare.

What types of disputes can be resolved through mediation?

All kinds. Mediation has been successfully used for commercial and business disputes, construction issues, employee grievances, environmental claims, product liability claims, maritime issues, insurance coverage disputes, real estate interpretations, partnership dissolutions, securities-related disputes, domestic relations matters, workers’ compensation claims.

It makes no difference whether the case is in litigation or not yet filed, or whether the dispute involves a few thousand Euro/lei or many millions of Euro/lei or issues other than money-mediation has proven effective in all of these situations.

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